November Greetings a la Carte

Here is the “menu” for next week’s Greetings a la Carte classes.

If you are signed up, please let me know which you would like to make.  Keep in mind that the greeting can be changed quite easily on most of these designs.  If you have a different card choice from a recent class, please let me know – I may be able to accommodate you.  There is still room in both sessions, Thursday, November 19 at noon or 6pm.

This class is a Stamp-a-Stack where you create cards in groups of eight.  The price varies, based on design, and each card comes with a mat piece for the inside (except the heavy white cards).  Dimensionals and envelopes are included.

You can sign up for more than one design, or multiples of designs.  Depending on how many sets you choose, you may not be able to completely assemble them during the class time, but I will make sure you do the steps you need to complete with my supplies.  You can plan to share sets with a friend, if you don’t want 8 of a kind, but I do ask that you each order one set to hold a place for each of you in class.


1. Merry Tree – 8/$12


2. Deck the Halls – 8/$12


3. Flurry Snowman, CASE of Georgeann Manning’s card – 8/$12


4. Winter Cardinal – 8/$10


5. Christmas Tree Tag – 8/$12


6. Silent Night, CASE of Paula Dobson’s card – 8/$12


7. Ornament Tag, CASE of BJ Peters’ card – 8/$12


8.  Manger Scene – 8/$12


9. Home for Christmas – 8/$10


10. Merry Snowflake, CASE of Jo Hooper’s card – 8/$12


11. Ornaments, CASE of Yvonne van Bruggen’s card – 8/$12


12. Sketched Dots Gift Card Bags – 8/$14


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