Signs of Fall


Have you seen these cute swirls used to make pumpkins?  I have been using them this way on cards, but I also love this little favor that I CASEd from Anita Haines.


A small tray between the pumpkins holds the treat.  My tray started as a 3″ x 4″ piece of Pumpkin Pie cardstock, scored 1″ from each edge, and folded to make a box bottom.  You can make this tray wider, and I probably should have done that here to hold more Reese’s 🙂

We made these little pumpkin favors in club this weekend, and one of the gals suggested that this would be a cute design in reds to make an apple!!  So thank you Meghan, I love that idea!!


These are made with Real Red and Cherry Cobbler.  The greeting is from this month’s Paper Pumpkin.  Aren’t they super-cute?  So what is in these?


The one on the left holds a mini hand sanitizer, also suggested by Meghan.  Can you guess what Meghan’s profession is?  Apples, hand sanitzier…you guessed it, she is a teacher!

The other apple is stuffed with three regular-sized Ghirardelli squares.

Have a great Monday!

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