Easter Throwbacks

I found some cards that I made for Easter in my early days of papercrafting…

Do you remember any of the products from these days?  I think I made them around 2003, so I also found an Easter picture of me and my girls from 2003…

Jen is on the right – she and her dolls were inseparable.  Julia is in yellow – showing off Clifford and the Scooby Doo watch that was in her Easter Basket.  It seems like more than 14 years have passed, but then again, it seems like this was just yesterday.  Funny how time is like that.

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3 thoughts on “Easter Throwbacks

  1. I loved these pictures! I started in SU! in 2000, and 2003 was a really good year for me. I had all three of those sets. What a trip down memory lane. Our girls were 11 and loved their American Girl dolls, too. Now, this year, one is getting married and the other just signed the papers for her first home! How can it go by so fast?!

    Happy Easter, and thanks for the great shares….


    • Hi Sarah, So nice to hear from you! You are a little ahead of us with your girls, but yes, it does go fast! Congrats on the upcoming milestones for your girls – a wedding and a new home, how wonderful! Happy Easter to you too, and thank you for the nice comment! Chris

      • I love your blog. You do such a great job. I tried this many years ago, but I did NOT do a good job – I didn’t make the time every day or even nearly every day. I’m so impressed that you do.

        Enjoy a beautiful Ohio spring! We are moving back home in 2018 – can’t wait!!! Arizona is just WAY too hot for me as I get older.

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