Boxes from the Envelope Punch Board

Box7 Many of you have seen this little box of 3×3 notecards in my craft room and know that it was a gift from my upline, Mindy Gray…yes, complete with notecards!!

Box8 Aren’t they great?!  I just want to focus on the box today, because boxes are very easy to make with your envelope punch board.  The dimensions can be determined using the same chart that you use for envelopes.

Box2 In this case, we read the paper size for the 3×3 cards and add 1″ in order to make a box with a thickness of almost 3/4″.  So, instead of a 5 1/4″ square, we start with a 6 1/4″ square.  Use the score line from the chart (2 5/8″) to punch and score your first notch and then move over an inch to 3 5/8″ and punch and score again.

Box3 Do this on the opposite side.  Then on the other sides, line up the pointer with each score and punch and score again.  The end product looks like this, and you want to snip on the black line and remove the flaps that are hatched.  That’s it!  Fold it up to make the box!

Box4 Follow this method to make any size box with a thickness of almost 3/4″ (add 1″ to the given paper size and punch and score an additonal notch 1″ from the first.)

Box1 We made this bigger card box in Stamp Club this month, and it is about an inch thick, sized to fit 4 1/4″ x 5 1/2″ cards.  What a great way to give handmade cards!!

To make it, the procedure is very much the same…start with the paper size for the card and add for the thickness of the box.  In this case, the paper size in the chart is 8″x8″ and I added 1 1/2″ to create a thicker box.  So, the paper size is 9 1/2″ square.  I punched and scored as per the chart at 3 1/2″ first.  The second punch is  at 5″, that is 1 1/2″ from the first (the same dimension as our increase in paper size.)  The rest of the procedure is the same – punch and score the opposite side at 3 1/2″ and 5″ and so on.

Box5 This little box is “off the chart” – smaller than the smallest chart dimension.  It was made with a 5 1/4″ square, scored at 2 1/4″ and 3″.  With notches/scores only 3/4″ apart it is thinner than the others, about a half inch.  It holds one of my favorites!

Box6 It is pretty simple to use this method to make a box – simply add to your paper size (1 1/2″ for a 1″ thick box, 1″ for almost 3/4″ thick, and 3/4″ for a 1/2″ thick box).  Add an additional punch and score on each side, using the additional paper width (not the box thickness) as your distance between the two.  I hope this is clear!  Please contact me if you have any questions.

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Thanks for looking!


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