2017-2018 Annual Catalog Shares

Have you seen all of the great new ribbons and trims that will be available in the 2017-2018 Annual Catalog?  What about the fabulous designer papers?  I know you are going to want them all, and the best way to get them all is to purchase a “share”.

How does a share work?  I will purchase all of the papers, ribbons, and trims in full packages, and repackage them into smaller portions.  I am offering a Designer Paper Share and many Ribbon Shares, as detailed below.

Designer Paper Share

The Designer Paper Share includes (117)  6″ x 6″ sheets of our gorgeous designer papers and (2) 3″ x 6″ sheets.  The breakdown is shown below.

(36) sheets of from Petal Garden, Color Theory, and Wood Textures – one of each pattern from each pack

(10) sheets from Fresh Florals

(42) sheets from Whole Lot of Lovely, Naturally Eclectic, Coffee Break, Pick a Pattern, Be Merry, Birthday Memories, and Delightful Daisy – one of each pattern from each pack

(5) sheets from Eastern Palace and (2) 3″ x 6″ sheets of the foil printed designs

(6) sheets from Bundle of Love

(12) sheets from Foil Frenzy

(6) sheets from Just Add Color

Cost:  $30 + $7 Priority Shipping

Ribbon Shares

There are 14 new varieties of ribbon and trim in the new catalog!  I am cutting the ribbon from each spool into 4 equal shares of approximately 2 1/2 yards each.  You can pick and choose from the list below, or save $10 when you buy the whole group.

Examples of my packaging are shown in the picture above – all ribbon is wrapped neatly on a card and packaged in a cello bag.

Shipping is $3/share, with a maximum shipping cost of $7.  Please note that the prices below do not include shipping.

1/2″ Gingham Ribbon (2 colors)  $5

1/4″ Double-Stitched Ribbon (3 colors)  $7

1/4″ Ombre Ribbon (3 colors)  $7

3/8″ Classic Weave Ribbon (3 colors)  $7

Mini Sequin Trim (3 colors)  $6

3/8″ Stitched Satin (4 colors)  $10

1/4″ Stitched-Edge Ribbon (4 colors)  $9

1/2″ Finely Woven Ribbon (5 colors)  $11

3/8″ Shimmer Ribbon (4 colors)  $9

1/8″ Sheer Ribbon (4 colors)  $8

3/8″ Mini Chevron (3 colors) $7

5/8″ Crinkled Seam Binding Ribbon (4 colors)  $10

3/8″ Metallic-Edge Ribbon (2 colors)  $5

3/8″ Striped Grosgrain Ribbon (5 colors)  $11

14 Ribbon Shares as listed above (49 colors, 122.5 yards)

$102 + $7 Priority Shipping

 If you would like to purchase a share, please email me at buckeyeinklingsorders@gmail.com with your order.  Include your name, mailing address and email address for Paypal.  I will send a Paypal invoice on or after May 24.  Please note that Paypal invoices can be paid with a credit card without a Paypal account.

I will place an order for all paid shares on June 1.  The process to  receive and process the ribbon takes about two weeks.  Barring any backorders, I will fill and mail the shares on or before June 16.

Have a great day!

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