In with You

The “In with You” promotion is another hidden gem in the growing list of product offerings that you won’t find in current catalogs.  “In with You” is a contest for stamp set designs.  The set shown in this pdf is the first winner, chosen from Stampin’ Up! employee submissions, and it is available thru Jan 2, 2014.

“In with You” is open to anyone.  You can submit your original artwork for stamp set challenges, vote and comment on other people’s submissions, earn badges, and interact with others in the community.  Stampin’ Up! will produce and sell one or more stamp sets from among the top-voted submissions in each challenge. Plus there are fabulous prizes for top designs. For more information, submission guidelines, terms and conditions, and to participate, click here.

And while I am focusing on products, several of you have asked about the new rotary blade that is available for our paper cutter.  Watch here for more details.

Have a great day!



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